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Artificial intelligence and real-time communications

New platforms for real-time communicationsReal-time communications, both those based on SIP and WebRTC,[...]

Iago Soto
21 July 2022

Telephony operators and the challenge of validate and certify calls

Quobis, pioneering call identificationAt Quobis, we have always been conscious of the risks related wit[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
20 July 2022

Quobis Launches Three New Voice Interconnect Products

New solutions for new challenges in voice interconnection [...]

19 July 2022

Call identification and verification for the banking industry

Call identification and banking industry in SpainAs of today, in Spain there is no legislation around c[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
14 July 2022

Voice spoofing, Do you know who's calling?

Telephone fraud, a growing challengeCybersecurity is probably one of the biggest challenges of current [...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
12 July 2022

SIP Interconnection options with Quobis Communications Platform

Quobis has been integrating SIP networks using both proprietary solutions (Oracle, Ribbon, AudioCodes) [...]

Santiago Troncoso
19 May 2022

Digital markets act and the interoperability of communications platforms

The new law on digital marketsWith an eye on the “Big Tech” the EU continues to enact legislation a[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
22 April 2022

Using Microsoft Teams Media Bypass in corporate environments

Media bypass for MS Teams: optimizing media traffic on corporate networksThe success of MS Teams has ge[...]

Iago Soto
14 March 2022

Voice call solutions (PSTN) for MS Teams based on Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft offers the Microsoft Teams Phone as a common element on which deploy different voice infrast[...]

Iago Fernández
7 March 2022

Alternatives to Microsoft Teams Phone for voice calls (PSTN) in MS Teams

Integrated softphone as MS Teams appThis time we are proposing an option outside the Microsoft Teams Ph[...]

Iago Fernández
7 March 2022