Empowering health
care teams with
real-time communications 

The disruption of eHealth is about to communicating better professionals and patients.

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eHealth solutions

Quobis provide a big sort of applications of real-time communications for eHealth cases of use. With a smart mixing of technology and the expertise
we can face the most challenging projects.

Key success factors

e-Health Industry Challenges.

We craft technologies to create new services and extend to the web existing ones.

Frictionless Communications ready for diversity

Ready to be used for people with different level of IT adoption.
The faculty to navigate between different modes of communication (voice, video, text), make easy to communicate with people with some disabilities to communicate only by using voice, and brings s more empathetic way to meet the needs of patients.

professionals with
integrated comms

Enable more efficient workflows, integrating real-time communication capabilities with the software and tools that health care professionals already are using.

The lowest adoption curve to achieve success improving operations.


Seamless communicate medical professionals from any place to obtain the best result in treatments or diagnostics.  Capabilities as screen sharing or whiteboard, speed up discussions about complex cases as cancer diagnostic, surgeries, etc.

Reduce commuting,
more time for patient caring

Avoid unnecessary trips to the clinic, reduce the exposure of professionals to contagious diseases and avoid long hours in waiting rooms for patients who can be treated remotely.

Digital Comms are
powerfull and

Maximize your investment in IT, take advantage of your existing assets thank interoperability between WebRTC and SIP.  Reduce expenses on international callings or avoid the use of tool-free numbers increasing the use of click to call from digital channels or embedding communications in existing apps.

Security, privacy & QA

Security and legal compliance are two key points in Quobis offering. Keep data safe inside your infrastructure, avoid the use of mainstream alternatives, and motorise the network usage and the quality of service delivered.

Success Case

Mutua Universal provides medical assistance in 130 centres in Spain


Integrate video communications with the ehealth service “Online Clinic”.


– Customer evolved its infrastructure based on Flash with poor quality.
– Quick development process using Quobis WAC and Quobis JS SDK to build better solution.
– Video Conference runs now in HD.
– Integrated with external IP cams.
– Local storage of the recordings.

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