Quobis Launches Three New Voice Interconnect Products

19 July 2022

New solutions for new challenges in voice interconnection

In recent years we have experienced a clear consolidation of UCaaS solutions (Ms Teams, Zoom, Collaborator…) as business communication channels.

Despite the importance of this change in context, we cannot speak of a technological disruption that implies the total replacement of an old model with a new one. In fact, the coexistence of “legacy” solutions based on SIP telephony protocols, with new cloud proposals, based on webRTC technologies or similar, is an inevitable coexistence framework. And it will be for years to come.

At Quobis we have been paying attention to this need for interoperability between two clearly dominant technologies for many years, with an objective that is as simple as it is ambitious: to connect everyone (leaving no one behind).

This time, we’ve thrown our heads together to solve 3 interconnection challenges with 3 products directly facing them:

  • How to connect MS Team users with the universe of conventional telephony users?
  • How to facilitate the adoption of state-of-the-art voice interconnection solutions for companies?
  • How to guarantee the service, offering critical and real-time information on the state of the network and the activity that is taking place in it?

PSTN calls for MS Teams

There are indeed alternatives to make PSTN calls from MS Teams, all of them based on the Microsoft Phone System (Microsoft calling plans, Direct Routing, Operator Connect…). But, at Quobis we wanted to offer one more option, something different.

We have given it the name of Quobis Phone, as it is a fully functional soft-phone, integrated in a Microsoft client tab.

One of the drawbacks of native Microsoft solutions is that they involve extra costs in Phone System licenses, they may require upgrades in MS Office licenses, or they may be technically complex, as in the case of Direct Routing. These inconveniences affect companies, but also keyboards, which, on the one hand, see their brand diluted in the Teams interface, and on the other, must adapt to accept the traffic that comes from the UCaaS solution.

With Quobis Phone, we offer an alternative to the Phone System, without the need to modify the existing infrastructure, and with the possibility of adapting the look & feel of the interface to that of the telco brand or the company itself.

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SBC as a service

Quobis has over 15 years of experience configuring and deploying on-premises SBCs from leading manufacturers in all types of businesses, so offering an SBC SaaS service is a natural fit for us.

The SBC cloud service provided by Quobis is based on Ribbon’s SBC software, deployed in a redundant and scalable cloud environment from MS Azure, to meet the interconnection requirements and security, connecting UCaaS cloud platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.), conventional PBX and carrier SIP trunks.

Quobis SBCaaS, extends advanced features in security and voice interconnection to all types of companies, guaranteeing access to a solution that is always updated, resilient and supervised by a team of highly qualified professionals. In addition to all the advantages of a cloud service (scalability, OPEX contracting…).

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Monitoring as a service

The new monitoring-as-a-service service builds on a long history of providing level 2 and 3 support for Oracle Communications solutions.

Our experts have identified a series of key metrics to quickly identify any problems with your voice network.

As it is a fully managed cloud solution, the network administrator will only have to worry about making the most of the information offered, without wasting a minute managing more infrastructure. In addition, by avoiding the adoption of specific hardware elements for monitoring, access to the service is much less compromised at the economic investment level.

This first release is compatible with Oracle’s Acme Packet platform SBCs.

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