Digitization reshapes the industry landscape.

Quobis is well-known as one of the leaders in the deployment of WebRTC technology after being involved in the release of the industry-first WebRTC application server.


15 years of partnerships with the leading service providers across the World.

We integrate, develop, and contribute to solutions based on leading technologies.

The perfect match:

Professional Services & Technology.

Quobis provides professional services and products for building new real-time communication tools for telcos and service providers.


More than 50 engineers to provide expert consultancy, configuration, installation, and testing services about SIP and WebRTC based infrastructures to deal with challenges related to voice network security, communications infrastructure architecture design; connectivity and interoperability; communication ap development…

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Quobis Communications Platform.

White-label infrastructure to provide telcos and service providers with their own CPaaS and UCaaS or building new services for residential and enterprises.


The platform that provides communication services from user management and service enablement to media handling (multi conferencing, recording, etc); backend tool to administer and monitor all the users and services enabled; APIS and SDKs for developing ad-hoc applications really fast.

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Featured Products

Telecom Industry Challenges.

We craft technologies to create new services and extend to the web existing ones.

UCaaS for Service Providers

Quobis Collaborator: UC tool for corporate users and call center agents, with lots of advanced collaboration tools.
Make large corporations and SMEs more productive through easy and affordable communication tools.

CPaaS for Service Providers

Enable new Services: Enterprise and Residential services can be built over the CPaaS of telco or service providers.
Developers consume APIs to add communication features to their applications.


Quobis has vast experience working with third-party and open-source session border controllers and other frontier elements.

This helps network owners to rely on an experienced company their voice interworking.

Development of voice apps

Besides WebRTC apps, Quobis develops telco-class applications to add new features to customer networks. As an example:

Call buttons to place SIP calls from web pages and desktop/mobile apps.

Telco-class voice mail.


Quobis is part of the steering board of the European Technology Platform Networld2020, and a stakeholder of the 5G-PPP initiative, that are defining the next step in European R&D policies on 5G.

Voice Security, compliancey & QA

Security and legal compliance are two key points in Quobis interconnection offering, as to provide training, assessment tools, monitoring, and call recording to fulfill certification requirements and minimize security threats.

Success Case

Foehn, multi-awarded British provider for Contact Centers & SME


Deliver a one-stop VoIP solution enriched with powerful collaboration capabilities, as an affordable alternative to SME communications.


White-label and Multi-Device.
Supports Voice, Instant Messaging, collaboration tools, and Video Calls.
Interoperability with SIP infrastructures defeats any eventual friction with legacy systems.

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