Real-time network monitoring and user administration from a single dashboard.

Quobis Manager Live-Demo

Who is using Quobis Manager

IT Managers, Network Administrators, and even Operations Managers can take advantage of using the Quobis Manager as the main dashboard to deal with the most common needs related to QoS and user management.

Service Providers & Telcos

Quobis Manager is an essential component to monitoring QoS and assuring system reliability.


Quobis Manager can provide relevant metrics about resource consumption by users or by domain, info that could be used to create custom billing strategies as premium services, pay-as-you-go, flat fee by user target.


Quobis Manager is able to send notifications to the system admin to get a quick response and easing troubleshooting works.


Quobis Manager gives all control over their communications to the corporate system administrator.

Quobis Manager is the easiest way to manage user policies, create groups, assign agendas visibility, assign roles, capabilities, or endpoints.

Also is the best way to monitor and evaluate infrastructure stress.

Call Centers

Call centers are all about efficiency. Quobis Manager can provide critical KPIs as average call duration from each endpoint, modes of communication used… Thanks to the Quobis Platform APIs, all this info can be shared with other call center software to generate a comprehensive view of the activity in the call center.

There is great flexibility in order to import external data to Quobis Manager and generate ad hoc dashboards through professional services.

Backoffice Interface

Total control of corporate

Quobis Platform Manager is a web back-office, crafted to simplify communication infrastructure monitoring and user policies management.

User Account Management.

  • Profile data (username, email, picture, phone, role, domain, SIP / Gateway credentials …)
  • Password setting and recovering
  • Capabilities (drag and drop menu)
  • Groups in which the user performs
  • Phone Books in which the user performs

User Activity Monitoring.

  • Status (active, not active)
  • Last login
  • Call detail record (CDR)
  • Call QoS details
  • Endpoints identification for calls

Network Monitoring.

  • Network I/O pressure
  • Current active sessions. Number of logged in users
  • Conferences. Number of active conferences
  • Provisioned users. Users registered on the system
  • Gauges & Stats:
    • Cluster memory usage. Indicates the amount of total and used volatile memory as well as its percentage
    • Cluster CPU usage. Indicates the percentage of CPU usage and the number of used and available cores
    • Cluster filesystem usage. Indicates the amount of total and used static memory as well as its percentage
    • Running containers. Shows the number of currently running containers

Alerts & admin notification.

  • Default Alerts
  • Ad-hoc notifications

Why Quobis Manager?

Minimum adoption curve, not being mandatory specific technical skills for most of the day to day uses.

Easy to use UI.

No specific skills are required to operate as a Quobis Manager. Simply visual interface to get the job done.
Define ad hoc alerts to keep yourself updated.

Accessible from any device.

(pc, tablet, laptop or mobile device)

Manage any endpoint based on Quobis Platform.

Quobis Manager is fully compatible with any endpoint from smartphone apps, to PSTN endpoints, IoT devices, or web browser-based softphones. Don’t miss a call.

Share data with third party software.

Thanks to Quobis Platform APIs, you can export any info you can see in Quobis Manager to other software as billing software, Workforce management software, CRMs, ERPs.

Quobis Platform elements.

The most flexible Communications Platform is made of these four highly customizable components.

Group 94
Group 92
Group 95
Group 97

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