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5 keys in business communications today

Business communications continue to evolve through a series of market, cultural and technological trend[...]

Alfredo Fernández
4 October 2022

Latency and reliability in 5G networks

Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URLLC)Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URL[...]

Iago Soto
13 September 2022

Metaverse and unified communications

Metaverse, a concept under constructionWhat we call today the Metaverse (or, rather, metaverses) is a b[...]

Iago Soto
6 September 2022

Voice interconnection with Google Voice

Google Voice the alternative to Microsoft Phone SystemGoogle Voice is called to be the main alternative[...]

Iago Soto
25 August 2022

Artificial intelligence and real-time communications

New platforms for real-time communicationsReal-time communications, both those based on SIP and WebRTC,[...]

Iago Soto
21 July 2022

Telephony operators and the challenge of validate and certify calls

Quobis, pioneering call identificationAt Quobis, we have always been conscious of the risks related wit[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
20 July 2022

Quobis Launches Three New Voice Interconnect Products

New solutions for new challenges in voice interconnection [...]

19 July 2022

Call identification and verification for the banking industry

Call identification and banking industry in SpainAs of today, in Spain there is no legislation around c[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
14 July 2022

Voice spoofing, Do you know who's calling?

Telephone fraud, a growing challengeCybersecurity is probably one of the biggest challenges of current [...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
12 July 2022

SIP Interconnection options with Quobis Communications Platform

Quobis has been integrating SIP networks using both proprietary solutions (Oracle, Ribbon, AudioCodes) [...]

Santiago Troncoso
19 May 2022