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SIP Interconnection options with Quobis Communications Platform

Quobis has been integrating SIP networks using both proprietary solutions (Oracle, Ribbon, AudioCodes) [...]

Santiago Troncoso
19 May 2022

Digital markets act and the interoperability of communications platforms

The new law on digital marketsWith an eye on the “Big Tech” the EU continues to enact legislation a[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
22 April 2022

Certificates and domains in MS Teams Direct Routing

Essential requirements for Direct Routing projectsTeams offers the ability to establish SIP trunks with[...]

David Filgueira
28 February 2022

What is MS Teams Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA)?

MS Teams is one of the most popular collaboration platforms today. Quobis is helping service providers [...]

Iago Soto
4 February 2022

Session Border Controller (SBC) requirements for MS Teams

SBC as key element on Direct Routing scenariosInterconnection with MS Teams represents a technical chal[...]

Iago Soto
28 January 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid and native apps

A common challenge for any company that is thinking of starting to develop a mobile app is to decide wh[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
13 January 2022

Why independence is important for your ICT strategy

Digital sovereignty in the public spotlight through the European cloud project Gaia-XAs we’ve mention[...]

Carolin Nothof
3 September 2021

Contributions of Quobis for the standardization of WebRTC

WebRTC has finished the process to become a W3C and IETF standard. Some weeks ago it was announced tha[...]

26 May 2021

SFUs vs MCUs: which is the best way to manage multi-conferencing?

MCU the veteran and the most efficient in terms of bandwidthMCUs have been used for a long time, since [...]

Iago Soto
3 May 2021

SIP interconnection today. The challenge of MS Teams

SIP interconnection is still challenging today, and emerging UCaaS solutions as MS Teams put this chall[...]

Iago Soto
8 March 2021

5G & WebRTC: use cases trends in the near future

As you probably know, WebRTC is a technology which allows voice, video and collaboration directly from [...]

Iago Soto
22 February 2021

Making the TV another SIP endpoint

Last December Amazon announced that they will start supporting video calls on their Fire TV offer to ca[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
27 January 2021