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Quobis' corporate social responsibility strategy during COVID-19 pandemic

Care, trust and independence are our core values. But it worth nothing without a behabour that cultivate them permanently. Here another[...]

28 May 2020

Scaling without investors

By Carolin Nothof | A few months ago, I started to write my master’s thesis about the question whether and how it is possible for[...]

21 May 2020

Quobis has benefited from a grant from "Igape Galicia Exporta Empresas" program

The main objective of these grants is to encourage and stimulate Galician foreign trade and the internationalization of Galician SMEs. [...]

21 February 2020

Announcing the general availability of Sippo 4.0 [New release]

The communication platform that truly gives you the control The new release of Quobis ́ Unified Communications Platform (Sippo 4.0) ha[...]

1 October 2019

QUOBIS 13th anniversary: Consolidation of a human-centric communication tech company

QUOBIS was celebrating its 13th anniversary this summer. This is a special year, as we have reached the threshold of 50 employees (curr[...]

16 August 2019

WEBINAR: Enterprise messaging in the data protection era

On Tuesday December 11th, 2018 Quobis will be speaking for 30 minutes about Enterprise Messaging and Data Protection. Register below f[...]

20 November 2018

The traditional WebRTC market (second part)

by Jorge Cabaleiro | In a previous blog post I explained a little bit of the beginnings of WebRTC and the very first use cases that wer[...]

8 August 2018

The traditional WebRTC market

by Jorge.Cabaleiro | In 2011 an ambitious open source project backed by Google was conceived. The “Big G” wanted to make real time [...]

2 August 2018

Sippo collaborator and GDPR compliance

by jorge.cabaleiro  | GDPR has been a hot topic in the last few months and often times companies are still trying to understand the im[...]

29 June 2018

A short Intro to cobrowsing implementation

The concept of co-browsing refers to a series of technologies and solutions that allow a joint navigation between two people, typically[...]

26 June 2018

Enterprise messaging in the GDPR era

  by Jorge Cabaleiro| Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging and personal communication apps in the world and ,sometimes, peop[...]

21 June 2018

Quobis awarded at the Oracle IC in New York

Quobis has participated in Oracle Industry Connect 2018 held in New York during last week. This event brings together business leaders [...]

24 April 2018