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New version of white paper "Why a WAC?"

With WebRTC, a web service or mobile app can support real time communications services in a native way. Designing and deploying in prod[...]

30 August 2016

Meet Quobis at IBC Amsterdam

Quobis, the leader in web based real-time solutions for enterprises and service providers, will be exhibiting a social TV application b[...]

26 August 2016

TMC interviews PM of Sippo on API strategy

TMC: What new business opportunities are being driven by to the growth of the so-called API economy? Santiago Troncoso: The API ecosyst[...]

24 July 2016

Two events in a row in USA this summer

  We will have two events in a row in the US, as Quobis announced its participation in the AllAboutTheAPI event of Las Vegas and t[...]

8 July 2016

Activities to celebrate our anniversary

iago.soto | Quobis is celebrating 10 years During the last two months we were organising a group of activities to celebrate our anniver[...]

8 July 2016

Review of our participation at FP7 Icarus project

yudani.riobo | During this first semester Quobis completed its participation in the FP7 ICARUS project. Our tasks were focused on the d[...]

29 June 2016

Webinar "12 ways to use webconferencing on fintech" on June 23

Thursday, June 23nd, 2016, Iago Soto, Quobis CMO, was speaking about web-conferencing in fintech and the business opportunity behind. P[...]

6 June 2016

Quobis exhibiting at MoneyConf Madrid

Quobis announces its first participation in the MoneyConf of Madrid (Spain) as exhibitor. This event will be held at the La N@ve on J[...]

3 June 2016

Interview with Sippo's product manager. Release of version 2.4

Hi all. It’s Yudani Riobó from Quobis. Today we are going to talk about the new release of Sippo with our product manager Santiago T[...]

10 May 2016

Quobis sponsors Cans Festival

Some years ago we published a post where we compared Galicia, the Spanish región where Quobis is based to California (US) using the re[...]

7 May 2016

Sippo 2.4 Certification Program

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, our product manager Santiago Troncoso and our PRM Yudani Riobó were speaking about the new features provi[...]

1 May 2016

Webinar: "15 WebRTC-based applications for telcos"

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, Iago Soto, Quobis CMO, was speaking about WebRTC use cases for telcos and the business models behind. PROGRA[...]

25 April 2016