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iOS 11 and WebRTC Support

by Santiago Troncoso Finally it’s out. Apple joins the WebRTC train and announces the support of the Javascript API into Safari v[...]

8 June 2017

Building IWIK from the ground up

by lis.garcia | Quobis’s marketing team develops use cases to make Sippo’s features shine. After a customer request, when a ne[...]

24 May 2017

Quobis partner of the year for Oracle Communications

During the Oracle Industry Connect, Quobis was selected as Oracle Communication Partner of the Year for EMEA Enterprise considering[...]

28 March 2017

NEW demo: collaboration & ID consolidation for user mobilty

At the MWC Barcelona we release the Sippo extension for browsers, that enables the possibility to get a notification and answer or make[...]

20 March 2017

NEW demo: leveraging customer care and ID verification

At MWC we had the opportunity to explain how Sippo is leveraging customer care in enterprises. Sippo Click to Call enables a web phone [...]

12 March 2017

Sippo certification webinar on Feb 16

On February 16th, 2017, our colleagues Santiago Troncoso and Marcos Cereijo will be speaking about the new features provided by the rel[...]

24 January 2017

Quobis chosen as one of the leaders of Innovation in Galicia (Spain)

Quobis has been recognised in the Ardan 2016 report as one of the most innovative Galician companies. Quobis has achieved the Five-Sta[...]

20 January 2017

Sandra Domínguez: 10 years of experience in Quobis

by lis.garcia | Sandra Domínguez is now 10 years old being part of the company, as an essential part of the Quobis team. She is in cha[...]

30 November 2016

A visit to our new headquarters

Some pictures of our new headquarters in Galicia (Spain) [unitegallery OfficeVisit] Stories behind our new headquarters ⇒

28 October 2016

An overview on the social TV opportunity

by Yudani.Riobo |  Sharing your TV experience with your friends and social community is more common each day, using smartphones and ta[...]

27 October 2016

Leveraging customer care in e-commerce

by iago.soto | Sippo and WebRTC, in general, are excellent enablers to improve customer care in e-commerce websites. You have your cust[...]

23 October 2016

Stories behind our new headquarters

All the places have a history behind and this is the case of our new headquarters. We are lucky because the place is wonderful and full[...]

11 October 2016