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A visit to our new headquarters

Some pictures of our new headquarters in Galicia (Spain) [unitegallery OfficeVisit] Stories behind our new headquarters ⇒

28 October 2016

An overview on the social TV opportunity

by Yudani.Riobo |  Sharing your TV experience with your friends and social community is more common each day, using smartphones and ta[...]

27 October 2016

Leveraging customer care in e-commerce

by iago.soto | Sippo and WebRTC, in general, are excellent enablers to improve customer care in e-commerce websites. You have your cust[...]

23 October 2016

Stories behind our new headquarters

All the places have a history behind and this is the case of our new headquarters. We are lucky because the place is wonderful and full[...]

11 October 2016

Sippo releases version 3.0

This version of Sippo WebRTC Application Controller advances on scalability and robustness without stop launching new features. It incl[...]

4 October 2016

Integration of Sippo Click to Call into call centers

Partners and end customer ask very often about the different possibilities they have to integration WebRTC-based click to call buttons [...]

2 October 2016

Quobis certified through Nokia’s Telco Cloud Partner Certification program

Quobis has been certified through the Nokia Telco Cloud Partner Certification program,Nokia’s partner solution certification process [...]

12 September 2016

New version of white paper "Why a WAC?"

With WebRTC, a web service or mobile app can support real time communications services in a native way. Designing and deploying in prod[...]

30 August 2016

Meet Quobis at IBC Amsterdam 2016

VISIT QUOBIS AT BOOTH 5B.19Quobis Communications Platform enables different use cases of [...]

26 August 2016

TMC interviews PM of Sippo on API strategy

TMC: What new business opportunities are being driven by to the growth of the so-called API economy? Santiago Troncoso: The API ecosyst[...]

24 July 2016

Two events in a row in USA this summer

  We will have two events in a row in the US, as Quobis announced its participation in the AllAboutTheAPI event of Las Vegas and t[...]

8 July 2016

Activities to celebrate our anniversary

iago.soto | Quobis is celebrating 10 years During the last two months we were organising a group of activities to celebrate our anniver[...]

8 July 2016