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Why independence is important for your ICT strategy

Digital sovereignty in the public spotlight through the European cloud project Gaia-XAs we’ve mention[...]

Carolin Nothof
3 September 2021

Contributions of Quobis for the standardization of WebRTC

WebRTC has finished the process to become a W3C and IETF standard. Some weeks ago it was announced tha[...]

26 May 2021

SFUs vs MCUs: which is the best way to manage multi-conferencing?

MCU the veteran and the most efficient in terms of bandwidthMCUs have been used for a long time, since [...]

Iago Soto
3 May 2021

SIP interconnection today. The challenge of MS Teams

SIP interconnection is still challenging today, and emerging UCaaS solutions as MS Teams put this chall[...]

Iago Soto
8 March 2021

5G & WebRTC: use cases trends in the near future

As you probably know, WebRTC is a technology which allows voice, video and collaboration directly from [...]

Iago Soto
22 February 2021

Making the TV another SIP endpoint

Last December Amazon announced that they will start supporting video calls on their Fire TV offer to ca[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
27 January 2021

The Digital Transformation of a bank’s customer experience

Two of the major trends in banking are the digitization of processes and customer-centricity. At the in[...]

Carolin Nothof
14 January 2021

Enterprise-grade messaging apps for desk-less workers, a massive opportunity for telcos

How to connect deskless workers, the largest and most forgotten group of workers?The market of communic[...]

Carolin Nothof
9 December 2020

Network monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus

Quobis has designed a dedicated monitoring tool based on the most successful tools for monitoring: Graf[...]

Elena Darriba
30 November 2020

Quobis' corporate social responsibility strategy during COVID-19 pandemic

Care, trust and independence are our core values. But it worth nothing without a behabour that cultivat[...]

28 May 2020