Use Cases

Inspirational cases of use related with Quobis product and services.

Real-time communications in medical devices

How “medical things” can take advantage of WebRTC and other real-time communication tools to boost [...]

PCI DSS compliance in contact centres via DTMF hiding

Every contact centre that is currently processing payments is acquainted with The Payment Card Industry[...]

Homeworking: Quobis Collaborator running in virtual desktops

Quobis Collaborator is the best-choice unified communications tool for companies that have employees wh[...]

How Quobis is improving Non-Desk Based Workers communications in Retail

The retail has its own communications challenges, and Quobis is facing some of them, particularly those that are related to workers tha[...]

Real-Time Communications on automotive

WebRTC can be one of the key technologies for connected cars, adding a communication layer to this challenging industry.

Sippo for frontline workers

One of the key points of Sippo collaborator is the flexibility to adapt to the existing assets of the customers. UC market is mature wi[...]

Benefits of enabling a WebRTC Contact Center

WebRTC: the most disruptive technology for the contact center worldSince its inception in 2011, WebRTC [...]

The case of enterprise video calling

by Jorge.Cabaleiro | The future of communications is changing. In the last few years, instant messaging, live chat or webinars have bec[...]

Expert assistance via video sharing

Remote collaboration with video sharing enables a “see what I see” feature.


Improve customer care in ecommerce adding cobrowsing and live support.

Context evaluation

Use live video to share the current situation with your service provider.

Social TV

Watch video contents together with your friends with a group chat and video call.

Document sharing

Collaboratively comment and edit documents like invoices, contracts, maps, etc.

User ID mobility

Simultaneous ringing from/to multiple devices including web phones.


Yellow pages and other portals change phone numbers by click to call buttons.

Customer onboarding

Sippo enables identity verification using a video call.

Ad-hoc implementations

Discover how Quobis can help to build your use case.