Quobis outdoor camp 2015

by yudani.riobo | The Minho river, the fourth most relevant river in Iberia after Douro (Porto), Ebro and Tagus (Lisbon), delineates [...]

9 October 2015

New movements on RCS and WebRTC complementary

by iago.soto | RCS is an initiative of the GSM Association (GSMA) based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to help network operato[...]

1 October 2015

Quobis will be exhibiting Sippo solutions at the WEB SUMMIT Dublin (IRELAND)

Quobis announces its first participation in the Web Summit of Dublin as exhibitor. This event will be held at the RDS Dublin (Ireland) [...]

23 September 2015

A ReTHINK project meeting in the “Portuguese Venice”

(these are not hyperties, just “pasteis de natas”, the national pastry of Portugal) by yudani.riobo | Another reTHINK meeting was [...]

21 September 2015

WebRTC and VoLTE

by iago.soto | WebRTC (Web-based real time communication) has been explained before in this blog and other marketing materials from [...]

8 September 2015

An interview with our product manager

(IAGO) Hi all. It’s Iago Soto from Quobis. Today we are going to talk about the new releases of Sippo. Sippo has version 2.3 in GA an[...]

4 September 2015

Quobis announces Sippo version 2.3 in GA

Quobis®, the leader in WebRTC applications for enterprises and service providers, today announced a new release of Sippo WebRTC Applic[...]

2 September 2015

Sippo interfaces and APIs

Sippo offers a set of different API’s and service interfaces that are summarised in the picture below: SippoJS: Sippo library used to[...]

10 August 2015

Our experiences exhibiting in Shanghai

by iago.soto | We were exhibiting at the MWC Shanghai last week, the Asian edition of the GSMA MWC Barcelona, organised . This was the [...]

22 July 2015

Quobis will be showcasing Sippo at the MWC Shanghai (CHINA)

Quobis announces its participation in the Mobile World Congress of Shanghai as exhibitor. This event will be held at the SNIEC Shanghai[...]

6 July 2015