Sippo, Internet Explorer and ORTC

Last week we read this article (link) from Skype about the announcement of the development of the ORTC API for WebRTC. This means that [...]

4 November 2014

Quobis joins WebRTC Expo Paris as partner sponsor

Quobis, the leader in WebRTC applications for service providers and enterprise, today announced its participation as a Partner sponsor [...]

16 October 2014

Quobis participates in BDA4T project

Quobis takes part in the funded project BDA4T. This consortium is formed by the companies Coremain and Optare Solutions and the Spa[...]

22 September 2014

Participation in WebRTC workshop in London

Quobis has participated in the Oracle Sponsored WebRTC Workshop at the Service Delivery Innovation ([...]

15 September 2014

Standards-based Sippo.JS API to bring web developers into telco networks

Quobis is announcing the general availability of the API Sippo.js running on top of the Sippo WebRTC Application Controller. This API h[...]

24 August 2014

Five points to consider for real WebRTC deployments

Original at There are nowadays lots of ongoing proof[...]

20 August 2014

WebRTC security concerns

WebRTC was designed for peer-to-peer communication but It is possible to make WebRTC calls interoperable with other IP or legacy networ[...]

30 June 2014

Quobis announces Sippo version 2 in GA

Quobis®, the leader in WebRTC applications for service providers, today announced a new version of Sippo WebRTC Application Controller[...]

29 June 2014

Enabling browser and native mobile application support for Real-Time Communications

Browser adoption of WebRTC APIs has been one of the main challenges in field deployments. While Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have [...]

16 May 2014

Quobis joins ATIS device solutions initiative

Quobis, the leader in WebRTC applications, today announced that has joined the Device Solutions Initiative (DSI) of the Alliance for Te[...]

2 April 2014