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We protect your voice service network, from design to daily operations.

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The new communications paradigm.

Security of communications beyond the corporate environment.

The new communications paradigm where users (hybrid or pure teleworking environments) and communications platforms are outside the corporate environment (cloud SBCs, Cloud PBX, UCaaS…) is a challenge in terms of security. Quobis helps companies identify the risks to which they are exposed in terms of their communications in real time, against denial of service attacks, illegal interception, fraudulent calls, identity spoofing, etc.

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Vendor agnostic architecture assessment

Leading Vendors, Open Source alternatives and human expertise

Quobis uses different platforms to monitor voice and video services, to adapt to customer needs, depending on whether it is SIP or WebRTC networks and the type of service sought, which may be complementary to each other.

Quobis Monitoring as a Service

SaaS service based on Grafana, which takes data from Oracle SBCs via SNMP traps for monitoring the key performance indicators of the equipment (level of health, RAM, licenses, HA status) and monitoring of the SIP service (global, by realm and by user agent) and generation of alarms and integration with third-party tools. [+]


Opensource tool for capturing SIP traces from popular tools like Asterisk, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, FreeSwitch or RTPEngine use for troubleshooting.

ORACLE Operation Monitor

It uses Oracle’s SBCs and ECBs as passive probes, as well as the possibility of using software on a COTS server that is inserted into the network. They send the information to the ME in encrypted form.

It handles data correlation, analysis, and storage. It has modules for fraud detection, access to APIs, etc.

ORACLE Security Shield

The different clients send the reports of their call profiles so that the data can be correlated and call patterns can be detected (fraud, scam, robocalls,…).

Quobis Manager

Cloud service to monitor WebRTC environments based on Quobis Communications Platform. [+]

Permanent monitoring by telecommunications engineers

Our 24/7 support engineers are prepared to take the necessary measures in the event of any eventuality in the communications network. [+]

Security strategies

Monitor, identify and act

Threats don’t rest, neither does the protection of your network.

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