Click to call, the most universal channel for communicating with customers

The click to call systems have been living with us for years. If you have ever been locked in an elevat[...]

Iago Fernández
6 July 2023

Quobis completes its voice interconnection offer for MS Teams

All ways to connect corporate voice network with MS Teams [...]

12 June 2023

Is WhatsApp a good option for communication and collaboration between employees?

All your employees know WhatsApp, most of them use it… and that may be precisely your biggest pro[...]

Iago Fernández
1 June 2023

WhatsApp inbound for inbound communications

What do we call Inbound communications in WhatsApp?In the specific context of WhatsApp, we identify as [...]

Iago Fernández
8 March 2023

WhatsApp for outbound communications

What do we call Outbound communications in WhatsApp?In WhatsApp, outbound communications are those in w[...]

Iago Fernández
17 February 2023

Quobis is a certified Zoom Phone integrator partner

Quobis is a certified Zoom Phone integrator partner. Zoom Phone is a unified communications solution th[...]

Paulo Lamelas
14 February 2023

History, products and roadmap of WhatsApp for companies

The corporate use of WhatsApp is a really complex decision, in which the convenience or ease of its use[...]

Iago Fernández
31 January 2023

Zoom Phone and SIP interconnection

As with Microsoft Teams, Zoom has a voice traffic-oriented collaboration tool called Zoom Phone, which [...]

Iago Soto
9 January 2023

Cars, the new office

How long does it take you to get to the office?and visiting customers? what if it rains or there are tr[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
5 January 2023

Fraud mitigation in the contact center

Telephone fraud, operational and reputational risk for the contact centerIf there is anything that has [...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
15 December 2022