New version of white paper "Why a WAC?"

30 August 2016
With WebRTC, a web service or mobile app can support real time communications services in a native way. Designing and deploying in production actual enterprise and carrier services goes beyond adding a few new pieces on its own, it can be time consuming and expensive, sometimes even writing off some of the WebRTC advantages. One of the most experienced vendors in WebRTC arena, Quobis has developed a WebRTC Application Controller (or WAC) to manage and help integrating real time services into enterprise business processes and telco services. WAC offers orchestration capabilities and a unified entry point to enterprise and telco networks, such as security or authentication flows, call dispatching, CRM, and so on; thus minimizing impact on those elements and extending their services to the new applications. WAC also isolates web app developers from browser variations (subtle, but critical, and continuously evolving) and hides behind a unified interface the different WebRTC platforms APIs, avoiding vendor lock-in and software complexity that would ensue otherwise. Deployed in some of the biggest enterprise and telcos, WAC reduces costs, mitigates security concerns, and streamlines development and launch of production WebRTC based applications. WHITE PAPER IS ACCESIBLE AT:
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