Quobis collaborates with Telefonica to build an innovative "Social TV" service

18 March 2016
Vigo, SPAIN, March 16th, 2016. Quobis, the leader in web based real-time solutions for enterprises and service providers, today announced that Telefonica is using Sippo WebRTC Application Controller to implement the proof of concept of a Social TV platform.
Social TV is an innovation project  of Telefonica that enables real-time interaction with other users while watching Movistar+ contents, including voice, video conference or group chat right from your television or smartphone. Users can create private groups and share invitations with their friends and family. Quobis has participated with Tokbox and Mashme.TV in the implementation of this innovative platform that has been showcased at Telefonica booth in the MWC Barcelona 2016.
“This project represents a milestone for Quobis, not only for the relevance of the customer and the use case by itself, but also because it’s a good example of how to build a new generation of services where social tools based on web-communications and traditional broadcasting services can interop”, in words of Iago Soto, Quobis’ CMO. Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 07.21.04 For more information please visit our website or send an email to yudani.riobo@quobis.com Additional Resources:   About Quobis Quobis is a leading european company in the delivery of carrier-class unified communication solutions with a special focus on security, interconnection and identity management for service providers and enterprises. Quobis is headquartered in Vigo (Spain) with partners throughout the world. Quobis is well-known as one of the leaders in the standardization and deployment of WebRTC technology after being involved in the industry-firsts implementations and Proof of Concepts in more than 30 countries. More information can be found online at quobis.com.
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