Activities to celebrate our anniversary

8 July 2016
iago.soto | Quobis is celebrating 10 years During the last two months we were organising a group of activities to celebrate our anniversary, including traditional events like the Quobis Outdoor Camp and others designed ad-hoc. We were sponsoring the Festival de Cans, a film festival that is a reference in Galicia. There we have a video clip to promote our company as the good place to work in the area. The Quobis Outdoor Camp had 2 activities. The first one trekking at A Rota da Pedra e Auga (Route of Stone and Water), a 7km path through the river Armenteira, that is pretty famous in our region. Finally, after lunch, we went to a Karts circuit. Congrats to Daniel Alves who was the winner of the competition. As we were launching a demo of a use case of Sippo focused on ecommerce ( ), where we ‘sale’ different t-shirts and mugs that we used to give as a gift to employees, we made this public to customers and partners. Several of the received a voucher code for a complimentary t-shirt. Finally, some weeks ago we had two groups in a local “rastrexo”. This is an activity where different groups look for clues and hidden objects in a forest at night. This included a lot of different activities like a gymkana, some of them in the water. More surprises and activities to come during and after summer ! CjZXBuXWEAA0mZa CjYdqnXWsAAARci CmMNPrrWMAADWCw Ci_yxnvWUAE4wTZ
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