What is the Microsoft Teams Phone?

25 January 2022

To act as a complete UCaaS solution, Microsoft Teams needs access to the Microsoft Teams Phone.

There is some confusion between technology and service (not to be confused with Microsoft calling plans “MS Calling Plans”).

Microsoft Teams Phone is a Microsoft technology or product that enables call control and certain typical capabilities of a PBX in Microsoft 365 with MS Teams.

Therefore, the Microsoft Teams Phone requires access to an MS Teams* license, an application that will act as the main endpoint of the voice service.

In addition, there are a series of certified SIP endpoints compatible with Microsoft Teams Phone with prices between $200 and $1000. Although according to Loopup, since 2021 Microsoft has announced almost full support for SIP terminals from major manufacturers (Cisco, Yealink or Polycom), it seems that there could be certain security problems related to the lack of encryption on older phones old.

*Not all Microsoft 365 licenses are supported. You will need a Microsoft/Office 365 E5 license or an add on for E3.

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