SIPREC for call recording, what is it?

SIPREC the most used call recording protocolSIPREC is currently the most widely used call recording pro[...]

Iago Soto
7 December 2022

Digital Markets Act, lets talk interoperability

DMA, the obligation of interoperability between platformsThe Digital Markets Act is not new in this blo[...]

Jorge Cabaleiro
18 November 2022

Google SIP Link, the alternative to Direct Routing for Google Workspace users

Google SIP Link, the alternative to Direct Routing for Google Workspace usersGoogle SIP Link, we can sa[...]

Iago Soto
8 November 2022

Voice network monitoring: what metrics to use and for what?

The monitoring of voice networks provides information that prevents attacks, prevents fraud, anticipate[...]

Iago Soto
19 October 2022

Differences between an e-SBC and a Firewall

E-SBCs do things that firewalls don't.It is common to compare what an SBC (Session Border Controller) w[...]

Alfredo Fernández
10 October 2022

Happy birthday to SIP

June of this year marked the 20th anniversary of the publication of RFC 3261, marking the beginning of [...]

Iago Soto
7 October 2022

5 keys in business communications today

Business communications continue to evolve through a series of market, cultural and technological trend[...]

Alfredo Fernández
4 October 2022

Latency and reliability in 5G networks

Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URLLC)Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URL[...]

Iago Soto
13 September 2022

Metaverse and unified communications

Metaverse, a concept under constructionWhat we call today the Metaverse (or, rather, metaverses) is a b[...]

Iago Soto
6 September 2022

Voice interconnection with Google Voice

Google Voice the alternative to Microsoft Teams PhoneGoogle Voice is called to be the main alternative [...]

Iago Soto
25 August 2022