SIPREC for call recording, what is it?

7 December 2022

SIPREC the most used call recording protocol

SIPREC is currently the most widely used call recording protocol. It is based on a protocol defined by the IETF and massively adopted by interconnection elements such as SBCs (such as Oracle, Ribbon or Audiocodes) and call recorders. The standard under RFC 7866 was promoted by Nice, Verint, Cisco, Unify (now Atos), and the Illinois Institute of Technology in May 2016, although work began on it since December 2010.

Difference between SRS (Session Recording Server) and SRC (Session Recording Client)

The recorder that supports SIPREC (as in the case of Nice or Verint and other market solutions) is named according to the SRS standard (session recording server), while the intermediate element in the call ( whether it is an SBC, a PBX or something else) is called SRC (session recording client).

It is this element, in the cases in which Quobis works, it is the SBC, which is in charge of replicating the media traffic to the recorder or SRS, in addition to including metadata (if necessary) such as calling numbers and others. session data, which is delivered in XML format.

SIPREC to avoid vendor lock-in

In critical sectors such as banking or call centers, they have to resort to recording calls for basic issues such as mere regulatory compliance. SIPREC is a good alternative since it allows the recorder to be separated from the PBX model or contact center platform that the client has, which allows avoiding “lock-in” strategies.

In any case, these practices are present with the metadata. Technology manufacturers tend to proprietary the metadata they can provide, so SIPREC generic SRS recorders do not provide the same information that is available from the manufacturer.

SIPREC in high availability

SIPREC is also comfortable in the case of high availability or redundancy. It is based on SIP signaling and it is usually possible to replicate, in order to have several recorders in parallel or to detect the failure of the main SRS recorder.

Quobis helps corporate clients and operators to analyze which is the best option to support call recording, trying to maintain independence from manufacturers. Quobis also helps in the process of integration and management of call metadata.

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