Quobis completes its voice interconnection offer for MS Teams

12 June 2023

All ways to connect corporate voice network with MS Teams

We have been among the first to offer specific solutions for the integration of voice calls (PSTN) to the users of MS Teams. Today, we can say that we cover any possible integration strategy, fulfilling our commitment to “connect them all”.

MS Teams is becoming the new age “telephone system” of many companies. There are multiple options to providing MS Teams users, interconnection with the operators’ voice services and the company’s SIP network. It is even possible to combine different strategies to optimize the investment based on the real needs of the different user groups.

These 3 products can help you achieve success in a voice interconnection project for MS Teams.

Professional Services for Direct Routing

Direct Routing is the interconnect solution based on Microsoft Teams Phone that offers greater flexibility.

This flexibility is based on the possibility of choosing without any limitation the carriers that will provide the PSTN outgoing service for voice calls outside the corporate network, unlike other options such as Operator Connect or MS Teams calling plans. With Direct Routing, companies can continue working with their trusted operators, keeping their contracts and benefits associated with it.

The downside is that Direct Routing projects imply a certain level of technical complexity, as well as the introduction of compatible network elements (certified SBCs). In order to guarantee success in the Direct Routing adoption process, we have designed a service that covers the entire cycle: project planning, deployment and configuration, and maintenance.

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Quobis Phone for MS Teams

With Quobis Phone, we offer a alternative to strategies based on the Microsoft Teams Phone.

With Quobis Phone, organizations can offer MS Teams users a fully functional softphone, integrated into the Microsofts´ desktop client.

Quobis Phone is a cheaper option by avoiding all the expenses associated with Phon System licenses, aimed at desktop users and whose deployment is substantially more agile than that of a Direct Routing solution, with the same advantages in terms of interconnection with operators, and integration into the corporate SIP network.

Quobis Phone is possibly the most direct option for integrating PSTN calls into the MS Teams interface.

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Cloud SBC for Direct Routing

Quobis has huge experience configuring, deploying and maintaining SBCs on premises from the main manufacturers in all types of companies, so offering a SaaS service of SBCs is the natural evolution for us.

The SBC cloud service provided by Quobis is based on Ribbon’s SBC software, deployed in a redundant and scalable cloud environment from MS Azure, to meet the interconnection requirements and security, connecting UCaaS cloud platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.), conventional PBXs and carrier SIP trunks.

If you are looking to substantially reduce the complexity of your Direct Routing project, leave the management and maintenance of this element of your network in our hands, your best option.

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