Quobis' corporate social responsibility strategy during COVID-19 pandemic

28 May 2020

Care, trust and independence are our core values. But it worth nothing without a behabour that cultivate them permanently.

Here another example how our independence let us to react very fast in order to help society by help our clients to frictionless adapted to the new reality, more linked than ever before with real time communications challenges.

Why Quobis stays busy during lockdown and after?

Quobis is considered a provider of public services within the State of Alarm, due to the fact that we manage communications from State security forces and public authorities, as well as part of the public and private healthcare network.

That is why, far from reducing our activity, resources have been intensified in order to meet an explosive growth in the demand for real-time communication solutions.

We are in the front line as witnesses to the paradigm shift in the role of telecommunications in society, with a greater incidence of remote work, dependence on re-assistance services and, in general, an unprecedented increase in the use of video as a communication instrument between people.

How does Quobis help society by focusing on its customers?

One of the things you can learn from any crisis is the fact that there are many ways to help others. Many companies have developed CSR programs to help reduce the impact of this pandemic. Other thing you can learn is that even when you are trying to help others you must be concerned about the impact of your actions, to avoid unwanted consequences.

At Quobis, we took our time to decide what we could do, and the answer was relatively simple: We continue to do what we do best as a telecommunications engineer, but free of charge for our clients who needed to quickly scale their communications. Consequently, we have carried out extraordinary actions, as a result of our corporate social responsibility, to help our clients free of charge in activities such as:

  • Increase in the number of channels in interconnection systems (SBCs, etc).
  • Configuration of SBCs as access elements (telework scenarios)
  • Adaptations of web clients (WebRTC) to support teleworkers from web, Android or iOS environments (not homologated devices).

Telework, with its challenges in the field of interconnection, security and support of user devices, is one of the use cases in which Quobis had already been working for years, so customers trust Quobis to adapt their infrastructure to the new reality.

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