Quobis is a certified Zoom Phone integrator partner

14 February 2023

Quobis is a certified Zoom Phone integrator partner.

Zoom Phone is a unified communications solution that inherits the main features of Zoom conferencing products that have made it one of the most popular solutions. For example, it is characterized by an easy and intuitive interface and simple configuration. Additionally, Zoom’s communications platforms are characterized by their reliability, scalability, and geographic redundancy.

Zoom Foundation Technical Sales

The technical and commercial certification for Zoom partners consists of a training experience focused on the architecture and functionalities that this platform provides.

This certification by Zoom allows Quobis to be involved in Zoom Phone implementation and integration projects, as the only technological partner that facilitates not only the deployment of the solution but also the integration with the rest of the client’s assets.

Integration of carrier services with Zoom

As a partner, Quobis brings the added value of more than 16 years of experience in real-time communications projects for telecommunications operators and large companies.

Quobis has had the opportunity to work on Zoom integration projects with the “bring your own carrier” solution, which allows Zoom to be integrated with the telephony platforms and telecommunications operators used by customers, through of certified SBCs, similar to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

With this certification, Quobis adds a new service to its integration and connectivity offer, positioning us as the reference partner in integration between legacy networks and the new generation of Internet-based communication solutions.

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