Buy vs build dilemma with Sippo

28 November 2017
Sippo is the name of a WebRTC product family authored by Quobis which includes the following products:
  • Sippo WebRTC Application Controller (or Sippo WAC): the server which provides the services.
  • Sippo WebRTC Apps: reference web applications which leverage the main features provided why the WAC. Two current application available:
    • Sippo Web Collaborator: Reference enterprise WebRTC softphone
    • Sippo Click To Call: Reference customer contact WebRTC softphone
While the Sippo WAC is the element that manage all the complexity for launching the service, like:
  • Multi signaling mechanisms
    • SIP over WebSockets (RFC 7118)
    • JSON over WS APIs
    • REST-based APIs
  • Identity Management
  • User provisioning
  • Security Control
  • Policy Control
  • Statistics and logging
  • Address book synchronization
  • Browser abstraction layer
The applications are build on top of SippoJS, a Javascript API that is downloaded to the user’s browsers, thus containing all the signaling stacks and WebRTC media API calls SippoJS API supports a complete set of signaling stacks, including both standards-based and vendor-specific ones. That means that the applications built on top of the SippoJS API are capable of communicating with different gateways from different vendors without changing the code. That is one of the benefits of using SippoJS API as it hides the complexity of the underlying signaling plane and provides a single and simple-to-use javascript API to the applications. An example of pre-built application is Sippo Web Collaborator, a fully-featured corporate client with advanced capabilities that works with the Sippo WAC, with key features like: - Rich communications suite that support different unified communication methods with no need to install or update anything in the user devices. - Features to manage seamless integration with existing NGN, IMS or VoIP networks of services providers or enterprises. - APIs to manage user provisioning, OSS and BSS. - Carrier-class high availability solution with fully standards based features. - Also available as application for smartphones.   But in some scenarios, this type of pre-build applications is not enough as customer as demanding some specific features like fully-integration on existing mobile applications or third party applications like agents suites  of contact center platforms. Using the Sippo building-blocks is the best way to accommodate the flexibility that the customer is demanding to and effective time-to-market strategy, as you will take advantage of code, modules and functionalities that have been developed previously. To learn more about the different possibilities to have your application ready-to-use, please ask you representative at Quobis.
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