Leveraging customer care in e-commerce

23 October 2016
by iago.soto | Sippo and WebRTC, in general, are excellent enablers to improve customer care in e-commerce websites. You have your customers using a browser to navigate and shop, so when they need to get in contact with your support, they probably prefer to use the same device. In addition, it provides a set of features that make this option really convenient:
  • Your customers will call for free, using the same device they are using to navigate, with no need to install anything as their browser could provide the methods to support WebRTC.
  • Agent can receive contextual information with the call. The agent can know the name of the customer, which items are in the shopping cart, which is the page/element that the customer is viewing, which is the type of device the customer is using, etc.
  • Audio, video and chat are supported, including in those call centers platforms that are only supporting voice. The call forking feature of Sippo can enable these call centers with video capabilities.
  • Advanced collaboration tools. You can think on schreensharing, sharing a form, file transfer, co browsing, etc. Agent can modify in real time the appearance of the screen of the user.
This video showcases an example including all the points mentioned above:

  But, the most important. This is something you can try by yourself and live your own experience !! We have a real shop for our corporate stuff and giveaways that is available here: https://shop.quobis.com/   You can play the role of a customer and one of our colleagues will be an agent for you. If you want to have the complete experience we can create some account for agents and help to install the button in an existing website for you. e-commerce-customer-service2-01    
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