Participation in WebRTC workshop in London

15 September 2014
Quobis has participated in the Oracle Sponsored WebRTC Workshop at the Service Delivery Innovation ( event in London this week. This workshop was an open discussion on the WebRTC ecosystem with the main objectives of
  • Gain basic understanding of WebRTC
  • Get a clear view of WebRTC's standarization
  • Undertand the ecosystem around WebRTC
Our CSO Victor Pascual talked about "WebRTC Standards Update". Different standarization bodies like the W3C, 3GPP and IETF are pushing to create and promote drafts and standards for WebRTC. Also association like GSMA and ATIS are involved in this. Victor discussed about the different problems to unify the adoption in terms of signalling and interconnection, implementation by browser and the epic battle to choose a video codec. As a summary of the presentation, we must say that each deployment/vendor is implementing its own proprietary signaling mechanism, WebRTC signaling and media is incompatible with existing VoIP deployments so gateways are required to bridge the two worlds and the WebRTC API can have different flavors. Click on the link to access to the slides. Workshop WebRTC standards - Service Delivery Innovation - London - Sep 2014 (1)
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