Sippo releases version 3.0

4 October 2016
This version of Sippo WebRTC Application Controller advances on scalability and robustness without stop launching new features. It includes functionalities such as abstraction for MCU or SFU integration for recording and static rooms, room events storage or SMS backend. It also improves the HA and scaling architecture, the user internal architecture and the token-based authentication. The big new step on this release, is the S-API, on the previous versions, it was more focused on per-service specs, now a complete S-API is used based on the OAuth2 server introduced at 2.3. This increase the options of the WAC including media engines handling, SMS backbones, authentication backends, etc. The result is a solid application server, where the applications now have better features and specs available, including these new features:
  • Abstraction for MCU or SFU integration for recording and static rooms
  • Room events storage
  • SMS backend
  • Docker based deployment system
[DOWNLOAD]  Release notes of Sippo WAC are available for download here.   On the other hand, Sippo Web Collaborator and Sippo Click to Call applications provide a complete new set of functionalities including SMS integration for meetings notification, group collaborative features, auto login based on 3rd parties, captcha protection or a dialpad with DTMF tones to navigate through IVRs. In the case of Sippo Click to Call these features are enabling new use cases of the technology, providing more security in anonymous calls or the possibility to navigate through IVRs. The new version of the presentation explains all these features and provides more information on use cases and ways to integrate Sippo Click to Call in a legacy call center. [DOWNLOAD]  New presentation of Sippo Click to Call is available for download here. screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-19-21-35[DOWNLOAD]  Release notes of Sippo Click to Call  here. Finally, Sippo Web Collaborator uses the new characteristics of the WAC to provide a better UX to the end users of the Sippo WebRTC solution. Group collaboration was improved including all the other features, from audio/video to filetransfer and whiteboard. Other important modifications were done on the Meetings feature, allowing multi-party and SMS notifications to join PSTN numbers. At the mobile environment important modifications were done to adapt to the new user interface and to review the application libraries used internally for a better performance. [DOWNLOAD]  New presentation of Sippo Web Collaborator is available for download here. [DOWNLOAD]  Release notes of Sippo Web Collaborator here.
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