Sippo 2.4 Certification Program

1 May 2016
On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, our product manager Santiago Troncoso and our PRM Yudani Riobó were speaking about the new features provided by release 2.4 and how to integrate Sippo in real environments. The session lasted about 2.5 hours. Sippo WebRTC Application Controller 2.4 1. Intro. Role of the WAC. Reference architecture (telcos and enterprise). Internal architecture. Interfaces and APIs. Supported gateways. 2. Installation and configuration. System requirements and sizing. OVA deployment. Base configuration. Network configuration. WAC tools. 3. Administration. File structure. User administration. Managing services. WAC CLI. 4. Troubleshooting and support. Sippo Click to call 2.4 1. Installlation. Deployment at WAC. Integration on web pages. 2. Administration. Reporting. Configuration Sippo Web Collaborator 2.4 1. Installlation. Deployment at WAC. 2. Administration. Authentication. Configuration of services.
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