Quobis at Genband's Perspectives

23 June 2015
A 300-mile car ride under Florida's sun starting in Miami after attending WebRTC Expo was definitely worth its destination: Genband's "Perspective 2015" in Orlando! Not that a corner spot at the "Solutions" showcase exhibition wouldn't be attractive, customers and friends spared no effort to come by and keep us busy. Sippo, our WebRTC flagship product, in that case integrated with Genband's WebRTC gateway server "Kandy", not only impressed them with video conferencing, screen sharing and shared white boards; but also tricky brand-new features caught their attention at first sight, "Audio-Video forking" for instance to mention one of them. Look at the problem it solves and you'll understand its importance: How do you synchronize for one and the same conversation the video stream through the browser and the voice call coming in through the legacy PBX? Ask Quobis how Sippo correlates both in real time! Technically speaking, the demos at our booth were full deployments, distributed even over two continents with our Sippo WebRTC Application Controller running on a testbed in our lab in Europe while the connected Kandy instance was hosted in the US. And to our positive surprise, the WiFi administrators couldn't have done a better job and all demos worked out like a charm! It deserves a special attention because WiFi bandwidth is the classic challenge that exhibitors struggle with, not this time! It's needless to say that we Europeans always admire the way Americans network amongst each other, which made it very easy and enjoyable for us to meet and learn from other vendors, partners and systems integrators attending the show. The still young WebRTC market is expanding quickly in the US, and we were amazed to see how Genband is becoming a key player setting the pace in that race thanks to their cloud solutions Kandy or Nubia. WebRTC, despite all its controversial press and discussions, was without a doubt one of the most relevant topics. Referenced in almost every talk or panel interview, it wasn't even missed out by the CEO in his keynote. It's confirmed, WebRTC has made it to a settled position in the current and future portfolio of Genband! "Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind..." are the words who made them famous, you guessed it, we had the special honor listening to a life concert of Kansas at the nearby Disney park. Last but not least, Genband's summarizing video is a successful sneak-preview of how the event was a neatly combined celebration of doing business and having fun! I strongly recommend that you test it out yourself next year :). See you there in 2016!  
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