Quobis chosen as one of the leaders of Innovation in Galicia (Spain)

20 January 2017
Quobis has been recognised in the Ardan 2016 report as one of the most innovative Galician companies. Quobis has achieved the Five-Star category in the Innovation ranking of the Economic and Competitiveness report made by  “Zona Franca de Vigo” in conjunction with the Galician Innovation Agency and the University of Vigo. More information: www.ardan.es/ardan/media/ejemplos/informeardangalicia2016.pdf Over the last six years, Quobis has developed an ambitious business strategy focusing on innovation and the development of new products using unified communications technologies. As a result, the company was able to improve its presence in the telco markets, increasing the international expansion through strategic technological partnerships. Quobis has been involved in national and international R&D projects related to interconnection, security and new services of voice and multimedia technologies over NGN networks. Today more than 35% of its staff is involved in Research, Development and Innovation activities, particularly in the area of Web-based real-time communications. Quobis has broad knowledge about SIP and WebRTC technologies working on innovation projects as is a key partner for some of the larger network integrators and service providers, that see Quobis as the preferred partner for projects with special needs in unified communications.
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