WEBINAR: Enterprise messaging in the data protection era

20 November 2018
On Tuesday December 11th, 2018 Quobis will be speaking for 30 minutes about Enterprise Messaging and Data Protection. Register below for free. Large enterprises are now facing different challenges related to protecting data in corporate communications, as employees are used to work with Whatsapp and other similar apps to communicate with colleagues and customers. New regulation makes this hard, as enterprises need to have the consent on the participants to use third party tools and give the right to be forgotten. We'll explore in this webinar how regulation is affecting the enterprise communication landscape and the solutions to be compliant with the new regulation.
Module 1: State of the art of enterprise messaging and data protection
  • Key facts of GDPR in enterprise messaging
  • Whatsapp vs current regulation
  • Overview of current messaging solutions
  • Bringing real mobility and multi-device support
Module 2: Challenges in corporate communications
  • Integration with existing IT assets and PBXs
  • Numbering and multi-ringing
  • Notifications and multi-device complexity
  • Security and data protection
  • Session recording
  • Contact lists and network address books
  • Meetings and collaboration
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