NEW demo: collaboration & ID consolidation for user mobilty

20 March 2017
At the MWC Barcelona we release the Sippo extension for browsers, that enables the possibility to get a notification and answer or make a call with no need to visit an specific URL. This tool is helping telcos to extend the flexibility of services, considering this plugin as a new extension that can ring at the same time when receiving a incoming call to your fixed o mobile number. Interconnection with existing assets was other of the hot topics at our booth. The possibility to maintain the PBX or contact center platforms for voice and using the agent's browser for video and collaboration was explained in Barcelona. This a feature called call forking, that enables companies to use the same agents of the call center for these new Sippo-enabled services, as a new channel. Next figure shows these new use cases.   If you want to try a demo or just get additional information do not hesitate to get in contact with your Quobis' representative.  
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