An interview with Andres Souto

24 July 2013
It’s time to start with a series of interviews with some of the members of our staff. Quobis is looking for creative people who are inspired to define the communications of the future.  So, here is the right place for technologist enthusiasts.  In addition, Galicia is a great place to live, not only because you can work with the technologies you enjoy, but you can also enjoy the beautiful, nightly late sunset over the beach and the Atlantic ocean. A really better option than Silicon Valley . Today it is the turn of Andres Souto, a new grad engineer of our developement team. We have talked to him about what brought him to Quobis and his interests Which are your current duties at Quobis? I’m working at the development department, mainly in an IP Centrex system based in Kamailio and FreeSWITCH, that is going to be the core of some of our solutions. Kamailio is an opensource SIP proxy and FreeSwitch is a IP PBX media server. We use them for user management and signaling in our products and solutions. Which are the things you like in Quobis? I really enjoy the schedule flexibility and teleworking facilities. I was finishing my engineering degree so that flexibility allows me to compaginate my studies with some work. Also, I love the working environment. Young people that enjoys technology and who are very friendly. I encourage you to “desksurf” with us for some days. More info at . What tools you use at work? I use typical physical devices like my laptop and headphones. In terms of software, my preferred tools are Google Chrome, Eclipse and emacs. What websites do you use? We use Atlassian’s JIRA for issue tracking and documentation so it is the core of our management system.  In addition I always have Gmail opened. We use Google Apps for different things (Google Drive, …)  But I think most of the time I’m starting in Google search and ending in Stackoverflow . Which are your hobbies? Currently I’m spending most of my free timing in hiking. I’m also enjoy cycling and bakery.
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