Quobis brings new corporate endpoint Sippo to WebRTC Expo

10 June 2013

Quobis announces the participation in WebRTC as Gold Sponsor. WebRTC Conference and Expo is the place where  companies, web application providers, investors and developers are going to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape. This show will take place in Atlanta (Georgia), June 25-27th.

Sippo is a fully-featured WebRTC-enabled enterprise communicator with advanced capabilities. Built for the web with our telco background knowledge, Sippo allows to deploy a lightweight webclient tested with industry leading SBCs and WebRTC gateways and includes features like:

  • Signalling agnostic (SIPoWS, API rest, etc)
  • Support to audio & video calls
  • IM with links and icons support
  • Presence support
  • Local storage of contact list & calls
  • Codecs: G711, Opus and VP8 (video)
  • DTLS-SRTP encryption
  • Full screen video support
  • File transfer & desktop sharing support
  • Small footprint (300kb)
  • Available today in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
Are you going to be there?

Come visit us at the WebRTC Conference and Expo to catch a preview on June 25th-27th in Atlanta.

  • Booth 45 - ask Santiago Troncoso
  • Demo - Wednesday 26th - 7:30pm
  • Conference - Thursday 27th - 2:30pm (enterprise track)

To set up an appointment before please contact:

Yudani Riobó:

Email:  yudani.riobo@quobis.com

Quobis Networks, SLU.

Telephone: +34 986.911.644

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