[WEBINAR - Nov. 18th] The role of telcos in the unified communications market

3 November 2021

Trends and opportunities in 2022 in services voice and messaging

Every year, as a result of the constant dialogue between Quobis and leading companies in the telecommunications industry, we propose a starting point for the strategy of telcos in the next year, pointing out some of the challenges and business opportunities associated with the latest trends in the unified communications market.

Following our pragmatic style, we will try to move away from hype, to focus on immediate opportunities, in which we have already begun to work and that we know will be a constant throughout 2022.

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In this webinar, we will answer the following questions:

  • How can the telecommunications companies leverage the UC ecosystem of MS Teams to expand their voice business?
  • When to opt for cloud interconnection solutions for real-time traffic?
  • What are the new communications security standards imposed by the hegemony of UC&C cloud-based business solutions?
  • What are the interoperability challenges associated with interconnecting UCaaS with operators’ public networks?
  • What are the most profitable alternatives for monitoring voice networks?
  • What are the specific communication needs for the retail sector?

Topics included:

  • Strategies for Telcos against the MSTeams phenomenon.
  • Technological challenges related to the interconnection of UCaaS and Operators.
  • New interconnection strategies based on cloud SBCs.
  • Monitoring of voice networks. 
  • Communications for sporadic users.

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