Quobis will participate in Kamailio World Conference

5 December 2012
Kamailio World is the first conference dedicated to Kamailio SIP Server and related projects and  is taking place in Berlin, Germany, during April 16-17, 2013. The event is targeting to present commercial solutions, products and services using Kamailio as well as projects or systems that can be used together with Kamailio to offer richer real time communication experiences. In addition this conference will offer technical workshops about how to use Kamailio to build or deploy specific real time communication systems, such as load balancers, least cost routing engines, operator platforms, SIMPLE presence servers. Kamailio is an open source SIP (RFC3261) server developed since 2001, focusing on building a flexible framework for fast roll out of scalable and reliable real time communication systems, no matter is voice, video, file transfer, instant messaging or presence and QUOBIS is one of the leader partners of this technology. This event is an opportunity to get the pulse of project development as well as the business environment around Kamailio. Get more information at http://conference.kamailio.com/k01/ 

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