TRACEFACT, artificial intelligence for the optimization of industrial processes

13 January 2023

Development of an analytical system for the traceability of products and processes throughout the entire value chain applicable to any industry

TRACEFACT is a project focused on the development of an analytical system that allows tracking and optimizing products and processes throughout the entire value chain, being applicable to any industry. The main objective is to create a platform and an associated methodology that characterizes and improves the performance of industrial plants and factories.

Through the traceability of key resources throughout the entire production and logistics chain, it is possible to optimize production and logistics processes in an aggregate manner. This implies the generation of value for various actors in the industrial value chain thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies based on Artificial Intelligence.

The highlight of the project is that it has been possible to validate its real value through experiments carried out in real working conditions, as well as the collection of comments and feedback from stakeholders from different positions. Our evidence-based approach and stakeholder engagement ensures robust results tailored to the needs of the industry sector.

TRACEFACT is an intersectoral project coordinated by Galicia Digital (DIHGIGAL) and in which SMEs participate: CINFO, DEICOM TECHNOLOGIES, INVERBIS, KALEIDO Ideas & Logistics and QUOBIS.

This project is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, as well as by the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan within the framework of the AEI2021b call.

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