SOCCER project: Quobis evolves its onboarding system with certified videoconference

14 September 2018
by Yudani.riobo |  Quobis is working on SOCCER project with Tecnocom and Mobbeel to develop a system that allows the onboarding process for banks in a non-face-to-face way by certified video. Within this project we are developing an app and a web application to let users to contract a service or a product from a bank portfolio. The main improvements regarding the current onboarding process are:
  • Facial recognition for identification and validation of user respect by national identity card (DNI) or passport
  • Verification process to validate DNI or passport
  • Certification of the video recordings
  • Validation of the integrity of the recordings
We designed the architecture needed to integrate the elements to extract and process the video sources in the contact center of the current onboarding process, and we are now integrating the facial recognition algorithms, the identification and authentication algorithms of DNI and the video validation and certification system. If you want to know our expertise in onboarding processes you can find more information here or you can contact us.  

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