Sat2car project: Quobis provides real-time communications on cars

24 April 2018
Quobis is taking part of Sat2Car project with the objective of implementing a system for connected vehicle services via satellite communications. Quobis is contributing to the design and implementation of a set of multimedia services based on WebRTC and our solution Sippo wac. It will allow real time communications integrated in the board screen of the car and it will provide assistance and videoconference services to users from a professional assistance service. The main functionalities will be audio/video conference to an agent that can provide customer service or assurance services among others. This application will also provide data from the car to the agent like GPS location, speed, etc. In case of a crash, the videoconference will be established automatically. Besides, an infotainment and travel entertainment service will be implemented in the customer application to allow the access to video content both for entertainment and support services. Sat2Car project is being coordinated by Egatel with Quobis, Altia, Peugeot Citroen Automóviles España and Hispasat as partners. It started in 2016 and now its final phase begins with the integration tasks to get the results at the end of 2018. Some weeks ago the intermediate review meeting was held in Las Palmas (Spain) with very interesting results and some individual use cases available. For the final review, a car with the satellite communication system integrated will be available for demonstrations.

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