Quobis participates in the DISTINGO project: reconfigurable lockers

7 June 2021

DISTINGO project: reconfigurable lockers

Quobis participates in the DISTINGO project: reconfigurable lockers, which aims to create a new generation of smart lockers systems that are simple, easy to use, smarter and dynamically reconfigurable.

The lockers can be used to store, distribute or share items of any kind and will be dynamically associated with specific services and functions depending on their content, but also with the uses and requirements of the user and the system operator.

This new type of distribution system will make use of distributed processing, advanced data acquisition and other action capabilities made available by the infrastructure.

The DISTINGO project has a Celtic seal and is nationally financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) under the file INNO-20182031.


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