Sippo collaborator will benefit from 5GTANGO platform

20 September 2018
Quobis is taking part of 5GTANGO project where one of its main roles is the implementation of a Communication suit pilot to test how the 5GTANGO platform helps to deal with security, monitoring and debugging issues when scaling. The objective of this pilot is to test our scalable real-time communication platform which allows to exchange real-time media, Sippo collaborator, and to use the 5GTANGO platform to provide a scalable implementation solving some of the problems during the implementation of real-time unified communication systems, like difficulties of security, when monitoring and debugging, when scaling up the solution, etc, where validation and performance tests must be adapted to each environment. Quobis will integrate the results of 5GTANGO in Sippo by the addition of APIs to use the 5GTANGO framework and new features based on network functions and services from the project. This integration will provide flexibility to adapt the Sippo infrastructure to the resources required for real time.   About 5GTANGO 5GTANGO is a 5GPPP Phase2 project that enables the flexible programmability of 5G networks with:
  1. a) an NFV-enabled Service Development Kit
  2. b) a Store platform with advanced validation and verification mechanisms for VNFs/Network Services qualification
  3. c) a modular Service Platform with an innovative orchestrator in order to bridge the gap between business needs and network operational management systems.
You can find more information about 5GTANGO here.   About Sippo collaborator Sippo collaborator is an enterprise-grade multi-device unified communication suite integrated with existing customer PBXs and call center platforms. It provides a complete set of advance features like video conferencing, call recording, presence and messaging. You can find more information about Sippo collaborator here.

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