Quobis completed successfully the participation in the MEET project

3 July 2018
“MEET: Interdisciplinary Tumor Committee for the Comprehensive Monitoring of Oncological Patients” had the objective of creating a tool that supports and optimizes the entire workflow associated with multidisciplinary tumor committees in all types of cancer. This allows the improvement of the care plan and clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.   The main results were:
  • The improvement of the efficiency of each work phase of the tumor committee.
  • A decision support tool to identify patterns of behavior and perform predictive data analysis (BigData, Data Mining, etc.)
  • The integration of clinical information of the patient with the collaboration tool (image and reports of anatomy and radiology, clinical analysis, etc.).
  • A user interface that facilitates the visualization, in a homogenized and ergonomic way. of the patient clinical information during the sessions of the committee. This is even usable in contexts of mobility, and with voice control, recognition and interpretation of natural language.
  • The remote participation of professionals and patients in committee sessions.
  The contribution of Quobis in this project was the design and implementation of the virtualization platform, which allows the interactive participation of all users in a natural way, regardless of the physical location in which it is located.   This allows to have doctors from different hospitals or locations and the participation of the patient himself into the committee session when this is considered necessary. Quobis was also adding multi-conferencing capabilities to this tool and a module for measuring channel conditions.   MEET ITC-20151165

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