Partner Day 2017

4 August 2017

Place/ Hotel WeAre Chamartin  Address/ Agustín de Foxá St, 28036 Madrid Location/ Map Date/ Tuesday, September 26th



09.30  Welcome Coffee  10.00  Section 1: Where is the opportunity for Sippo? (15 min). Section 2: Sippo WAC and Sippo Apps introduction (30 mins) Basic concepts. Architecture and roles. Installation and configuration. Troubleshooting. Section 3: Sippo features (15 mins). Feature list and implications. Scenario support. Section 4: Market opportunity (30 mins). Enterprise communications. Customer care. Role of telcos. 11.30  Coffee break 12.00  Section 5: Release v3.1 (15 mins). What's new?. WebRTC Application Controller. Web Collaborator. Click To Call. Section 6: Demo partner portal (30 mins). Available use cases. Partner admin demo. Section 7: Questions and answers (15 mins) 13.00  Finger Lunch
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