Insights from the LTE voice summit

30 October 2017
A Quobis delegation was exhibiting our Sippo solutions at LTE Voice Summit held in Amsterdam. Most of the telcos and MVNOs attending the show have already deployed VoLTE, VoWiFi or had it in their roadmap for the next twelve months, so it looks like the technology is on the right way to completely migrate the "old" voice to the new IP plane.
On the other hand, we heard some telcos complaining about the device interop issues so there is still room until we see VoLTE running in every device. On the other hand, almost no telco is now deploying 4G voice on non-smartphone devices, which opens up a opportunity for Sippo to extend the IMS voice service to sim-less devices such as tablets, smart watches, set-top-boxes and of course the connected-car.
Find below the video we showcased there:
  More information about the role of WebRTC and Sippo in VoLTE can be found in this webinar:
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