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Quobis announces Sippo version 2 in GA

Quobis®, the leader in WebRTC applications for service providers, today announced a new version of Sippo WebRTC Application Controller[...]

29 June 2014

Enabling browser and native mobile application support for Real-Time Communications

Browser adoption of WebRTC APIs has been one of the main challenges in field deployments. While Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have [...]

16 May 2014

Quobis joins ATIS device solutions initiative

Quobis, the leader in WebRTC applications, today announced that has joined the Device Solutions Initiative (DSI) of the Alliance for Te[...]

2 April 2014

Quobis announces participation in European major events

Quobis,the leader in WebRTC applications, today announced it will be speaking and exhibiting atWebRTC Global Summit 2014, to be held [...]

28 February 2014

Quobis to showcase Sippo at MWC 2014

Quobis,the leader in WebRTC applications, today announced it will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2014, to be held February 2[...]

9 January 2014

Quobis unveils WebRTC Application Controller to simplify WebRTC deployments

Quobis®, the leader in WebRTC applications, today announced at the WebRTC Exhibition and Conference in Paris that its SIPPO  WebRTC [...]

12 December 2013

Quobis re-elected for the steering board of NET!WORKS ETP

On 29 October 2013 a new ETP founded by the former Net!Works and ISI ETPs has been launched in Brussels in a event that was attended b[...]

10 November 2013

Quobis announces participation in different events in this quarter

Quobis will participate as sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or part of the advisory board in different events this year like: Rich Communica[...]

28 October 2013

A review of the Iberian Telecom Summit

Some weeks ago we celebrated the IberianTelecomSummit, the most important event in Spain and Portugal for managers of UC solutions and [...]

28 October 2013


Following our series of interviews with the members of our staff, today it is the turn of Kristina Vasic from Serbia. Kristina is an ex[...]

29 August 2013

Come to Galifornia, Galician California

Certainly, if you are person who work in IT industry you think that working in Silicon Valley could be sexy, amazing or just the best o[...]

9 August 2013

Quobis announces general availability of Sippo Web Collaborator

Quobis®, the leader in WebRTC applications for corporate users, today announced that its WebRTC enterprise endpoint “Sippo WebCollab[...]

1 August 2013