WEBINAR: WebRTC for TV broadcasting and online streaming

23 October 2017

On Thursday November 16th, 2017 Quobis was speaking for 30 minutes about WebRTC for TV broadcasters and web-based streaming service providers. Watch the video below.

Content owners, broadcasters, TV providers, end-to-end platforms and the rest of the ecosystems are facing different challenges during the last years. How to deal with the threats to create new opportunities to growth will be the focus of this webinar, that explains how WebRTC is creating new possibilities.

Module 1:  Intro to WebRTC on TV domain

  • What is WebRTC?
  • Key functionalities and advantages
  • Complementarity with current architectures
  • Devices supported
  • Markets addressed

Module 2:  Use cases 

  • Video calls from legacy TV
  • Live contributors
  • Interactive TV
  • Social TV
  • Gambling and betting
  • Electronics Sports
  • Hospitality services

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