[WEBINAR - May 26th 2021] Videobanking: how to build trust with the most humane digital banking

6 May 2021

The banking ecosystem has been forced to accelerate its digital migration process in the wake of CoVID.

Confidence in financial services is faltering in the face of a new reality in which the weight of bank branches, and consequently of face-to-face customer service, is drastically reduced in favor of digital models that bring new challenges: security (fraud, identity theft, legal compliance), commoditization of the value offered, greater mobility of workers and clients, loss of direct contact with the customers, etc.

In this webinar, Quobis will reveal how real-time communications technologies represent an opportunity to mitigate the effects of the new reality in the banking sector.

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English session: May 26th · 16:00-16:40 (CEST)
Spanish session: May 25th · 16:00-16:40 (CEST)

We will answer the following questions:

  • How are digitalization processes affecting the levels of trust and loyalty in the banking industry?
  • Why is videobanking the model that generates the greatest trust in the banking client?
  • How to successfully implement a future-proof video banking solution from legacy infrastructures or new projects from scratch?
  • How to take advantage of webRTC-based infrastructures also in terms of employee experience?
  • What are the main security, legal compliance and integration challenges of these new infrastructures?

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Customer experience: Integration of video as a customer service channel
  • Onboarding and Identity Verification
  • Employee experience: teleworking, instant messaging and collaboration.
  • Legal aspects
  • Evolution of telecommunications infrastructures.

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