Quobis to exhibit at the IBC Amsterdam 2018

2 August 2018
Quobis will be exhibiting at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam (Netherlands)next September 14-18. This is the second year in a row we'll be exhibiting there together with other local vendor in the communication and broadcasting domain. Ask you sales representative about the value proposition of Sippo for content streaming services and CDN integration Quobis, as the leader in web based real-time solutions for enterprises and service providers, has adapted telco-based solution to broadcasters and content owners to be ready to add a communication layer and promote interactivity in web-based streaming services.  


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Quobis provides consulting services on WebRTC for telcos and services providers. This technology makes possible to add a communication and collaboration layer on web-based streaming services and existing mobile applications. Based on this technology Quobis has built Sippo wac, an application server that enables different use cases of web communications, including those related with content streaming like the case of Social TV. Sippo includes features like group chat, push notifications, multi-conferencing and multi-device Support that make Social TV possible. Using Sippo Web Collaborator you can chat with your friends using any device and from any location, so you can invite them to join a room with a live streaming event using the web browser. Quobis has been involved in different projects related with WebRTC for most of the top-20 telecom operators world-wide. Quobis has beed working on standarization of WebRTC, in R&D projects with PT, Orange, Telefonica or Deutsche Telekom (among others) and in the first proof of concept of the technology. In the TV and broadcasting domain we’ve involved in the first experience of using WebRTC for streaming services, working together with Telefonica in their social TV platform, launched in 2016. This is the smartest way to add videoconferencing capabilities to a multi-device environment, as using Sippo wac it hides all the complexity related to device fragmentation. You can ask you sales representative more information about the value proposition of Sippo for content streaming services and CDN integration.

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