WEBINAR: Transforming communication processes in banks

7 June 2018
Next Thursday June 28th, 2018 Quobis will be speaking about how is possible to adapt bank communications to the digital transformation challenge. Banking companies are being disrupted and going through relevant digital transformation projects to meet regulatory changes and to enable new digital customer service channels in a fast changing landscape. We explore in this webinar the technologies behind real-time communications and the business process that they transform.
Module 1: Secure and flexible internal communications
  • Messaging tools with GDPR and MiFID
  • Bringing mobility and BYOD for employees
  • Flexible multi-conferencing
  • Embedding communication tools into corporate apps
Digital transformation is reaching also internal employees. New technologies enable remote users to use the same tools as internal ones. Legal compliance is one of the key points for make this happen.
Module 2: Customer care using collaboration
  • Navigation assistance
  • Communication layer in electronics banking apps
  • Co-browsing and document review
  • Live support from kiosk and ATMs
  • Communication in premium banking
This module is focused in how modern web conferencing tools help financial  companies to improve customer care, adding live voice or video calls with advanced multimedia capabilities from different locations, avoiding the need for customers to visit the branches of the company. Module 3:  ID verification and fraud prevention
  • ID assurance for critical operations
  • Credit card activation
  • Avoiding counter-financial operation
  • Online Customer on-boarding
We'll explore how web collaboration tools provide certainty to remote operations, making online operations possible. These technologies can be complemented with features like location and/or network provider retrieval and device authentication and third party solutions. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]  

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