How Quobis is improving Non-Desk Based Workers communications in Retail

23 September 2019

The retail has its own communications challenges, and Quobis is facing some of them, particularly those that are related to workers that spend their time interacting directly with their clients around the shop.

Retail, a challenging scenario for corporate communications

Mobility, limited access to computers, short term jobs and high workers rotation, lack of time for worker onboarding process, increasing complexing of stock managing and sales (integration of e-commerce and local sales, stock distributed on different warehouses or showrooms), the need to communicate with other peers from different locations, clients or external workers frequently... All of these handicaps could be mitigated with effective real-time-communications tools embedded in mobile devices like tablets, smartphones or smartwatches. 

"shopping mall" by ruihan yuan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Sippo, the real-time collaboration solution for retail

Sippo adds collaboration capabilities for every platform as a native app for the most known OS (Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac), or a web add-on compatible with desktop & mobile browsers, without the need for software installation. This universal compatibility enables multiple cases of use for front-line workers as collaborating in real-time with “desk-workers”, open time-framed communication channels to interact with external employees just sharing a link, or enabling secure and managed BYOD infrastructure for occasional o part-time workers, or to agile onboarding process of new employees. 

With Sippo, Quobis´ WebRTC-enabled UC suite, retailers could obtain an affordable solution for these challenges without the headaches of complex IT infrastructure. Its highly flexible API and integration capabilities allow Sippo collaborator to support environments with an existing VoIP telephony network that needs to be empowered with collaboration features, without the need for a complete replacement. For those who need a stand-alone solution, Sippo collaborator could work assuming the core functionalities of a PBX reducing the complexity of the communications infrastructure.

Friendly UX with best-of-class enterprise compliance administration

Sippo collaborator UX is truly user-friendly, easing the adoption by everyone who uses a smartphone, in addition, the back-office provides for Network Managers a strong policy administration and users activity tracking, making of Sippo an enterprise-compliance ready solution.

Sippo collaborator is used by large organizations that need to address challenges such as managing a distributed workforce with different roles and user permissions including full-time workers as well as contractors, project-based workers and part-time hires that are typically outside the scope of the IT department. Quobis’ customer base includes a large European fashion retailer that uses Sippo collaborator to extend the UC network to frontline retail workers, i.e. those dealing directly with customers in the store, using Apple iPod or any other SIM-less devices connected to store ́s WLAN.

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