reTHINK project concludes with excellent results

19 December 2017
After thirty months of work and excellent collaboration, the reTHINK consortium have reached the end of this successful project. The main goal of reTHINK was to design and prototype a new Web-centric P2P Service Architecture enabling dynamic trusted relationships among distributed applications called “Hyperties” that support use-cases beyond commoditized telephony such as contextual and social communications, M2M/IoT and content oriented services. This project will enable any type of service delivery through specialized end-to-end network quality commitments, powered by specialized P2P and/or Cloud services (delivered as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS). As a result of the project, there is a framework available that provides the tools to build a global real-time decentralized communication infrastructure where services are inherently interoperable.

Quobis contributed to the design and implementation of this framework and also to the demonstration of a set of use cases based on the framework. The participation in the use cases of the project also helped to identify some opportunities in new and existing markets. In this sense, Quobis —in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer FOKUS and Eurescom— aim at commercialization results of reTHINK in the context of smart city applications.  The German cities of Hamburg and Berlin have indicated interest in building a smart city application based on the Hyperty concept. The latter reTHINK partners are looking for additional funding to proceed on hardening reTHINK developments towards a large-scale commercial deployment, and to add additional features based on the cities’ needs.

Meanwhile, Quobis aims to integrate some of the project results in its current WebRTC solutions portfolio, concretely as part of the Sippo solution which is mainly targeted to service providers, both designing Sippo features to integrate new services based on reTHINK results, as updating Sippo APIs to allow the integration of Hyperty-based services in IMS networks.

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